Posted by: Mark Foreman | February 7, 2010

Cheap molecule set

In the chemical education literature a large range of cheap model making kits have been reported using things like drinking straws, tennis balls and other household objects.

Two of my students (Karl Stolpe and Ramon Andersson) have distinguished themselves by introducing me to a new model making system. This one can deal with a sp3 (tetrahedral) atom and is a great help for dealing with stereochemistry. I would like to strongly suggest that they write into the Aldrich Chemical Company with the details of their invention (or lab tip)

Start with a small bit of paper, now at the top right and top left draw two groups. Now start cutting from the bottom of the paper until you are half way up. Now stop and fold the paper to make two arms which stick out in different directions. Now lastly draw the last two groups on these arms. Now you use this model to help you do your chemistry homework.

So lets go through the process, step one draw the first two groups and add a cut to the paper.

Fold the first arm after adding the additional labels

Fold the other arm to finish the model


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