Posted by: Mark Foreman | February 13, 2010

Think of others !

I know that pop music deals with something which many people feel that they need in life. They need the pounding music and the gyrating bodies. I will confess that I am no prude.

While many forms of pop music are rather grating for me, I do enjoy things like the more vigorous English folk and Scottish folk dancing. I have been at dancing events where dancing has turned into a bit of an extreme sport. Things like the “Nervous breakdown”, “Boston Tea Party”, “Cumberland Square Eight” and “Hooligans jig” are not for the faint of heart !

But the library and music / dance are for different things in life, please no wild song and dance acts in the library. I was not happy at the idea of people making lots of noise in the library and throwing the index cards around.  (See the link for a video of a fictional library erupting into a song and dance)

The dancing on the desk at the library would be almost as bad as wild formation clog dancing in a chemical lab. Maybe some of my students would enjoy a dose of the “Boston Tea Party” but that location is totally unsuitable for dancing, I think that a dance floor or the gym would be far better for clog dancing.

If the library case was a real life case then I would be very unhappy, take it outside of the reading room is my advice !

I have been in the British Library when people have thought it was funny to start yelling while the rest of us were silently reading. Neither did I or the other readers see the funny side of the  joke !

Please as adults in the library consider others do not talk, eat, drink or smoke in a reading room. If you do need to speak to anyone then do it softly without making a racket.

For children in the children’s library I take a more relaxed view, small children will be children and therefore they make some sound. I say let them be children. But as teenagers they should know to keep it quiet in the library.


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