Posted by: Mark Foreman | June 11, 2011

A world without organic chemistry

I want to tell you a story about a man and his wife who wake up one morning in a world where organic compounds have suddenly stopped existing and doing the things which they are normally doing, well to be honest I have allowed the organic chemistry in their bodies to carry on working so that they can see the chaos.

I woke up late, my alarm clock was gone. So was the bedside table and my underpants. In their place was a pile of dust, metal and bits of wire. I stumbled out of the bed which was now a mass of nasty metal springs which were poking me and my wife. Then I discovered to my horror that most of the floor was missing. The bare steel beams were all that remained, I fell past the beams into the basement. I cursed as I hit the floor in pain.

I walked through the basement which was now packed with wire and metal, I made my way to the basement door which was missing. All that remained was the nails laying on the floor where the door used to be. I walked out into the garden. The grass was gone, in its place was a loose dust covering the garden. I then saw that my fruit trees were absent, I gasped at this.

I walked up the cement steps into the house, I heard my wife calling out in terror at this horrible new world. My car was laying on the floor with no tyres, the paint was all gone from my pride and joy. My head pounded, I entered the bathroom and went to the steel cupboard where I kept a bottle of pain killers. The pain killers were gone all which remained was the sheet of foil. This is horrible, I then moved into the kitchen. I opened the bread bin to get a bite to eat and there was nothing there.

You can see how this man is having a very bad day. Wood, plastic, food, medicine, rubber, grass, cloth and paint have all vanished. I will not carry on but I am sure that you can see that life in a world with no organic chemistry is a total nightmare.


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